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Mighty Crappy

Mighty Mouse

If the scroll ball on my Mighty Mouse at work didn’t give up the ghost this afternoon, I don’t think I might have found Dave Shea’s musings as funny as I do right now.

P.S. Anyone have a recommendation for a decent (inexpensive to moderately priced) mouse that I can requisition at work tomorrow morning?

Spaces + Expose = Wet Dream

Oh. Holy. Shit.

I really need to install that copy of Leopard that found its way into my hands onto my old iBook before I send my PowerBook into the shop.

Look Closer

BBC World Ad

Advertising/Design Goodness points to some exceptionally executed BBC World ads that may require a bit of concentration before they decide to unveil their cleverness to you.


So I was just thinking — it wouldn’t be an altogether horrible idea to get together an OPML or XOXO list of the BarCamp Los Angeles crew’s blogs, would it?

If someone wants to work with me on getting this done, let me know!



I finally managed to see Brick with Sarah this weekend — and I’d go so far as to say that it’s probably my favorite movie of the past year. Then again, I’ve always had a soft spot for film noir inspired work.

Perhaps one of my favorite bits of the movie were the snappy, rapid fire verbal acrobatics. How rapid fire was it? Let’s just say that at times, the delivery would have made the Gilmore Girls head spin.

Brad Bramish: Oh yeah?
Brendan Frye: Yeah.
Brad Bramish: Oh yeah?
Brendan Frye: Yeah.
Brad Bramish: Yeah?
Brendan Frye: There’s a thesaurus in the library. Yeah is under “Y”. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Renting this totally made up for seeing “Snakes On A Plane” on Friday…

You Know, Legally…

Yer gonna git what I'm givin' to ya!

There are days when I really love my job. Today was one of them.

P.S. If you think this is even remotely funny, please Digg the shit out of this.

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