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Links for 2006-12-30

Children Of Men

Were it not for my brother mentioning it the other night, I don’t know when I would have been clued into Children Of Men. And now I want to see it, badly. As someone who is a fan of movies and books about dystopian futures and whatnot, I’m seriously all over this.

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Done With MySpace

I’ve been arguing with myself over getting rid of my MySpace accounts — both my personal one and the one for Preshrunk — for the past hour. Just ignoring them and turning off notifications doesn’t hurt anything, I guess. Still, the last thing I want is some sort of atrophied social networking profile that sits ignored for months or years until I finally remember that I have it.

So unless someone can make a good case for keeping them, they’re gone on January 1st.

Links for 2006-12-24

Five Things

My friend Justin has gone and tagged me with the “Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me” meme that’s been making its way around the internets. Since I never met a meme that I didn’t like — although I refrain from participating in a lot of them here — I feel I’d be letting myself down if I didn’t do this one. Here goes nothing…

  1. I’m an ordained minister by way of the Universal Life Church. Apparently this means that I can marry you to somebody or something if you want me to.
  2. I went to an elementary school that was Kindergarten thru 7th Grade. From 1st Grade until 5th Grade, I was in a Language Arts/English class two grades higher that what I should have been in. When they ran out of someplace to send me in 6th Grade, they just shoved me back into 6th Grade English. I’ve had little patience for the California public school system ever since.
  3. I have a third nipple. Get me drunk enough and I’ll show it to you.
  4. My favorite time of day is the 5 minutes or so that I get to myself before I fall asleep. It’s not that I like being alone — in fact the very thought of being truly alone frightens me a bit — it’s just that I enjoy that few minutes of silence as a moment to reset myself and reflect.
  5. I don’t like reptiles. It’s not that I’m afraid of them — it’s just that I don’t trust them. Never have, never will…

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Links for 2006-12-23

Mao’s On Melrose

After leafing thru a few of my recent Twitters, I was reminded of a huge mural I saw on the side of a building on Melrose for Mao’s Kitchen. So I did a little searching and I managed to come across a thread on Chowhound where another observant individual seemed to notice it too.

If the person who chimed in at the bottom of the aforementioned Chowhound thread is right about the owner wanting to open this outpost quickly, I am very excited. I’m almost never on the Westside, but I do make it up to the Hollywood area at least one or two times a month. And it’d really be nice to have an option other than Swingers or Canter’s when I’m looking to get my post event grub on.


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