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Bring The Ruckus

The game has changed a lot since I launched Preshrunk in late 2004.  According to Andy at Hide Your Arms, there’s over 150 t-shirt blogs out there now — and I’ll be damned if I can actually find more than a handful that are actually readable and worth following.  Granted, there are a few “good blogs” out there — but the amount of coverage for poorly designed tees and really weak write-ups is pretty fucking dismaying.

Anyhow, I recently found myself coming to a crossroads of sorts.  It was sparked by a bunch of mail from old, dedicated readers wondering where I’d gone.  Questioning if I’d ever come back.  Asking if I’d consider selling the site (with some pretty decent offers, I might add) or taking folks on as contributors to help get things going again.

So I found myself asking a very simple, but poignant question.  Do I add more noise to the genre of blogging that I helped start, or do I pack it in?  The money I’d get from cashing out would allow me to fund another project I’ve been working on instead of bootstrapping it — so that was a bit tempting.

Besides, six months without an update normally means a blog is “dead” in internet time.  And regular readers will no doubt recall that I’ve staged so many comebacks at Preshrunk that it borders on ridiculous.  But I still couldn’t leave my baby just sitting by the side of the road.  Nor could I leave it in the care of someone I didn’t know.  Kinda control freak of me, I know — but that’s always sort of been my way.

Despite my apparent disinterest tho, I never stopped thinking about Preshrunk.  It was honestly a matter of time (and my poor allocation of it) more than anything.  I have what amounts to half a moleskine of site ideas that I’ve sketched out and jotted down on the train.  Most of them are actually implementable, too.  New weekly features!  New sites!  New ways to fold in social features that don’t involve lazily adding “Digg This” buttons!

And they’re actually all coming.  Well, that’s the plan at least…  Right now, I’m concerned with getting content on the site and convincing people to come back more than anything.  The bells and whistles can wait until later.

Speaking of bells and whistles, there’s a new theme up at Preshrunk now, but it’s not really expected to be permanent.  In fact, if you know a solid, affordable WordPress designer, send them my way, won’t you?  Some of the aforementioned ideas need something a bit more robust before they’re deployed.

Even if you don’t know a theme designer tho, it’d be nice if you can show some support.  Read the blog.  Add the Twitter feed.  Spread the word.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to remind these kids where they came from…

Dark Knight PSA: Herpes

If you only watch one video out of the Dark Knight PSA series on YouTube, make it this one.

Summer Sunset

It might be the pollution that does it — but I wouldn’t trade days that end like this for anything.

Never Forget

Okay, this sucks. Allegedly, the owners of the furniture store building down in HelMel painted over one of my favorite murals in Los Angeles. Now it only exists in pictures…

That’s How I Roll Too…

I’m not sure what I like more, the legibility rant or the use of the word “motherfucker”… [via]

Boba Fett = Pimp

Every so often I feel like I miss out by not making the trek down to Comic-Con. This is one of those times.

Patchouli and Failure

Well Intentioned, Slightly Grungy Youth: Hey man, got a moment for Greenpeace?
Businessman: Got a moment for a shower, hippie?

Oh Greenpeace street team, will you ever catch a break?

Julia Nunes

For whatever reason, I’ve really been into Julia Nunes lately.  Crystal introduced me to her mostly Uke oriented covers on YouTube a few months back and she ping ponged around in my brain until a week ago.  While she does some solid originals, the standout tracks — for me at least — are her covers.

Since she doesn’t have any backup singers, she actually records herself singing vocal harmonies where necessary and cuts the videos together to achieve the desired effect.  It’s pretty clever and makes me smile a whole bunch — so I’m hopeful that you’ll enjoy it too.

Downtown’s Secret Community Pool

Today, the coworkers decided to celebrate the birth of our country a day early by grabbing a quick lunch by the pool at The Standard and taking a post nosh dip.

Apparently, all you need to do to swim in the rooftop pool is buy a drink or grab a bite to eat. Had I known this, I’d have tried pulling that little scam off much sooner.

Some hipster girl let us know that she makes it over to The Standard a few times a week despite working at the Bonaventure because it’s not too crowded on the weekdays. Good to know.

With that being said, mojitos run about $13 — and beers are only slightly less expensive — so you might want to take that into consideration.

Still, it’s a fun way to kill an afternoon. You should go try it sometime…

Shuffling Around

Sorry about the bit of downtime this morning and afternoon, folks! I’ve been trying to spread the hosting for my domains across a few users and I managed to take down my site in the process. Apparently I forgot about the quirks involved in running WordPress under mod_php. D’oh!

Things are back up now tho — PHP as CGI FTW! — so no worries.

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