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Links for 2006-10-25

Hot Fuzz

Hells yeah! The teaser trailers for “Hot Fuzz” are online!

As a Simon Pegg/Nick Frost/Edgar Wright fan I honestly cannot wait for this film to come out. Does anyone have any idea when it’ll be released in The States?

P.S. Keep an eye peeled for the “Shaun of the Dead” hat tip towards the end — those of you in the know (My we’re condescending, aren’t we?) ought to get a kick out of it… ;)


So I’m letting the much buzzed Tangerine scan thru my Powerbook’s iTunes library (Don’t judge the Beyonce or Timberlake, okay?) so I can see how well it works at automagically building playlists based on BPM and beat intensity. From what I’ve read about it so far, it sounds promising — but we’ll see how well it works once I’ve had the chance to road test it by loading up the Shuffle for my evening walks.

BarCamp LA, The Weblog

The BarCamp wiki is great for coordinating planning and all, but I’ve got a theory that we can spread the word on BarCamp LA related events (monthly dinners, future BarCamps, etc.) better with a proper weblog. Check it out if you’ve got a second!

P.S. If you’re free the weekend of November 11th & 12th, swing on by the Little Radio Warehouse. The price (free) is right if nothing else… ;)

Lady Sov Tops TRL

Yesterday, the (almost) unthinkable happened, as Lady Sovereign’s video for “Love Me or Hate Me” vaulted to number one on MTV’s “Total Request Live” countdown. Yes, more people voted for Lady Sovereign being chased by a ghost hamster than Justin Timberlake and T.I. in “My Love”.

News like this is almost enough to get me watching MTV again. Almost.

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