Jason Cosper, our intrepid narrator

Jason Cosper has been doing things on the internet (and this domain) for longer than he’d like to admit.

In the early days, things could get somewhat problematic around here. Those archives live elsewhere.

Note: Please try to not judge modern Jason by his old writing. He was someone who was very dumb, had an inflated sense of self-importance, and hadn’t even started to think about his own privilege yet.

Jason founded one of the original t-shirt blogs, Preshrunk, in 2004. Shortly after the market for t-shirt blogs got too saturated, he sold the site to a nice guy named Gregg.

Lately, Jason has been coasting off the fame of being “the Hipster Ipsum guy”. Which is pretty sad if you think about it. I mean, Kottke wrote about Hipsum all the way back in 2011, so… 😬