• Links for 2007-02-07

    Apple – Thoughts on Music Steve Jobs writes a thoughtful article arguing against DRM. (tags: stevejobs apple itunes drm music copyright ipod via:boingboing)

  • Links for 2007-01-17

    Iconfactory : Software : Twitterrific A nice, out of the way desktop Twitter client from the folks at the IconFactory. (tags: twitter osx mac macintosh social software freeware) Correo – a new mail client for OS X Correo appears to be taking the Camino approach to a mail client, which I find fairly refreshing. I’m…

  • Links for 2007-01-11

    Beyond the Beyond: Conceptual Ringtone Silences Cellphones “‘My Cage (Silence for Cellphone)’ dispenses with performer and piano and auditorium, instead utilizing a continuous stream of silence produced on a computer, and compressed to standard ringtone format.” (tags: art music ringtone audio via:coudal)