• Links for 2007-02-07

    Apple – Thoughts on Music Steve Jobs writes a thoughtful article arguing against DRM. (tags: stevejobs apple itunes drm music copyright ipod via:boingboing)

  • Links for 2007-01-17

    Iconfactory : Software : Twitterrific A nice, out of the way desktop Twitter client from the folks at the IconFactory. (tags: twitter osx mac macintosh social software freeware) Correo – a new mail client for OS X Correo appears to be taking the Camino approach to a mail client, which I find fairly refreshing. I’m…

  • Links for 2007-01-11

    Beyond the Beyond: Conceptual Ringtone Silences Cellphones “‘My Cage (Silence for Cellphone)’ dispenses with performer and piano and auditorium, instead utilizing a continuous stream of silence produced on a computer, and compressed to standard ringtone format.” (tags: art music ringtone audio via:coudal)

  • Links for 2007-01-10

    Coming Soon: Tabbed Editing My favorite editor (SubEthaEdit) is getting tear away tabs in the next revision. Hells yeah! (tags: macintosh mac osx software text apple) DS Motion Card A Slot 1 motion sensor for the DS?! It’s a good time to be a hardware hacker… (tags: gaming hardware homebrew nintendo wishlist want hacking motion…

  • Links for 2006-12-30

    Dr. Strangelove’s Lost Pie Fight An awesome but grainy series of stills from Dr. Strangelove’s mythical, climactic pie fight. (tags: film kubrick movies via:coudal) Mac OS X and Home / End keys I’ll finally be able to use my Home and End keys the way I want to! w00t! (tags: apple hack mac macintosh osx…

  • Links for 2006-12-28

    Best of Bootie 2006 78 minutes of great mash-ups from 2006 hand picked by A + D, with bonus tracks. (tags: mashup music mp3)

  • Links for 2006-12-27

    David Harper’s Different Things » WordPress Wii Edition Plugin I probably ought to enable this on my sites — even tho I don’t own a Wii yet. (tags: wii nintendo wordpress plugin theme weblogging) LiquidIce’s Nintendo Wii Hacks This is so getting added to my feed reader. (tags: wii weblog nintendo hardware hacking homebrew) Asics…

  • Links for 2006-12-24

    Go Nintendo » Blog Archive » Tabbed Wii Web Browsing All this talk about Wii Opera makes me want a Wii so very badly now. Must… Wait… Until… After… Holidays… (tags: wii nintendo opera tabbedbrowsing via:digg)

  • Links for 2006-12-23

    Wii Browser Diagnostic // Inman’s assembled a helpful little list of diagnostics for the Wii browser. This should prove useful. (tags: nintendo webdev wii webdesign)

  • Links for 2006-12-21

    WordPress-to-WordPress Import Aaron Brazell backported WordPress 2.1’s WXR importer/exporter to the 2.0.x branch as a plugin for those of us who are too afraid to go bleeding edge. Handy! (tags: wordpress plugin export weblogging import) No Uptime Hosting – Guaranteed server downtime! “No Uptime used my credit card to buy porn magazines. This service is…

  • links for 2006-12-20

    24 ways: Knockout Type – Thin Is Always In Prettying up light text on a dark background in Safari with a simple “text-shadow” in CSS. (tags: css design osx safari hack webdesign webdev typography text web browser) BALTIC Library and Archive – Kozyndan Documentary A great little 20 minute documentary on Kozyndan featuring sixspace’s Caryn…

  • Links for 2006-12-15

    Etsy :: Cereal Bowl Light Made with real Fruit Loops and a spoon touch switch. (tags: lamp wishlist want shopping food etsy furniture) Wired News: Photoshop Beta Available Friday The public beta of CS3 drops tomorrow! And it’s a universal binary! w00t! (tags: photoshop osx mac macintosh software) Preshrunk: Threadless Deals With Plagiarism Justin Mason…

  • Links for 2006-12-14 | An invitation to play Buttons to advertise your willingness for a DS pickup match is really a clever idea! Sort of like warchalking for your DS… (tags: wishlist nintendo dslite buttons gaming shopping want via:simplebits) The Slow Inevitable Death Of American Muscle “Two cars are slowly crashed into one another of the course…

  • Links for 2006-12-08

    Avatars Consume As Much Electricity As Brazilians An interesting interpretation of the figures leads to a rough estimate of how much power a Second Life avatar consumes (tags: internet gaming secondlife environment videogames via:jm) Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Mexico 66™ (Birch/Indian Ink/Latte) I need/want this colorway, badly. (tags: shoes shopping wishlist commerce want) MiniBar…

  • Links for 2006-12-07

    DarwiinRemote Wiimote support for OS X? How fucking `leet! (tags: freeware software nintendo videogames macintosh apple hardware geek wii)

  • Links for 2006-11-15

    Daring Fireball: ‘Beta’ Is Not an Excuse “You can’t “semi-release” your 1.0 just because you want it out there but aren’t yet finished. Being semi-released is like being semi-pregnant.” (tags: beta software apple mac osx web2.0 programming marketing geek) Alex King: Share This This is the cleanest way I’ve seen to allow folks to send…

  • Links for 2006-11-12

    YouTube – Live 105 Morning Show “Aries Spears” Rap Holy crap! The Jay-Z that he does is uncanny! (tags: video rap impersonation music youtube hiphop)

  • Links for 2006-11-09

    Ctrl-Alt-Chicken – Monte Cristo Sandwich Mmmm… Monte Cristo. (tags: food montecristo sandwich cooking video) The Anti-Social Event of the Season A blog comprised of one man’s rants on bad kerning. (tags: weblog typography kerning)

  • Links for 2006-11-02

    Totally Nerdcore Nudie girls and classic gaming gear in calendar form. What more could you ask for? (tags: erotica geek gaming nsfw nintendo nerdy wishlist want shopping) Crown Dozen – Current Top Twelve MP3 Blogs These look like a bunch of fantastic MP3 blogs that are worth checking out. I’ll have to add them to…

  • Links for 2006-10-25

    BarCamp LA No. 2 is November 11-12, 2006. You should go! (tags: barcamp barcampla geek blog losangeles conference)