Category: Design

  • The Standards Manual

    I’ve always had a very large soft spot for subway maps. Especially the one Massimo Vignelli did for New York City back in the 70’s. So when this NYCTA Graphics Standards Manual surfaced earlier this week I was thrilled. Hopefully I can get a little time to obsessively study it this weekend.

  • Ghost

    There’s been a lot of discussion around John O’Nolan’s Ghost today. And there should be. It’s a beautiful, blog focused reimagining of the WordPress dashboard that provides an alternative to what they’ve done with the dashboard on A lot of the discussion is about how John would like to do this as a fork of…

  • Memoir

    I’ve been looking for a clean, single-column, responsive WordPress theme that supports post formats (or at least asides) for the past few weeks now. And honestly, I was beginning to think I’d have to roll my own. Now, that isn’t really an issue — especially since I’m comfortable with theming — but site design is…