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I’m in Love With the PAKO

While I never bought into the Flappy Bird hype, I totally get the appeal of infuriatingly brief casual games. So I decided to try out PAKO after finding it over the weekend.

The TL;DW (too long; didn’t watch) of the video above is this:

  • Pick a closed, arena-style level.
  • Don’t crash.
  • Avoid cops.

Even though I haven’t had a single round that’s lasted longer than 35 seconds, it manages to be loads of fun without being throw-your-phone frustrating. If you’ve got a couple bucks burning a hole in your pocket — it’s only $0.99 on iOS, but slightly more expensive on other platforms — it’s definitely worth it.


Sweet! Cabel Sasser finally released the long-awaited soundtrack for The Incident! And it’s got a ton of bonus material to boot! So go grab it! Or else I’ll keep using exclamation points to end every sentence! FOREVER!


I totally love how this enterprising Instructables user crammed an entire NES console inside of a Super Mario Bros. cartridge!


I’m really happy that Venus Patrol tipped me off to Gauge [iOS]. Ever since I grabbed it a few days ago, I’ve been playing it kind of a lot. So much so that Super Hexagon is sitting there, getting all jealous.

What can I say? I’m into the quirky humor, love the distractions that try to thwart your progress and the price (free) is definitely right.

Super Hexagon

Practically every spare moment I’ve had over the last few days has been filled with very short rounds of Super Hexagon for iOS. It can be sort of hard at first — at least until you get the hang of the controls — but it’s also insanely addictive.

If you value your free time, stay away at all costs. But if you prefer to lose hours cursing under your breath every few seconds, check it out!

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