Category: Geekery

  • All the Options in the WordPress Theme Customizer

    In reality we’re taking the same problem of providing too many options and migrating them from the Dashboard to the WordPress Theme Customizer. Bummer. Tom McFarlin nails it once again.

  • wordpress-rest-api

    Speaking of JavaScript, here’s a Node.js-based client for the JSON REST API that’ll eventually make its way into WordPress core.

  • Is JavaScript taking over WordPress?

    Unless something totally crazy happens, WordPress is going to be written in PHP for the foreseeable future. However, the more that core turns into an API endpoint for all the JavaScript that’s being added to it, the less beholden the project has to be to PHP. So maybe you should think about buying a JavaScript…

  • Hashcash

    It’s nice that someone is working on an alternative to the Akismet anti-spam plugin monopoly. With that being said, I saw a server load quadruple [from 4 to 16] in under 3 minutes after enabling the plugin on a friend’s site. It was right in the middle of being mercilessly hammered by spammers, but I…

  • WordPress on nginx + HHVM with Heroku Buildpacks

    This is tempting. Extremely tempting. Perhaps I should dedicate some time to playing with this over the long holiday weekend.

  • PHPNG devs boasts major WordPress performance increases

    It’s nice to see that the PHP team isn’t taking HHVM lying down. We have to wait for PHP 5.7 to get PHPNG and it’s 20% performance increase though. If you’re the type who runs his/her own server, there are test build instructions. So maybe you don’t have to wait. But I wouldn’t use this…

  • 443s & Heartbleed

    We are building the most important technologies for the global economy on shockingly underfunded infrastructure. We are truly living through Code in the Age of Cholera. Dan Kaminsky’s thoughts on Heartbleed — and the lessons we can learn from this whole crazy-ass scramble — are fantastic and worth your time. Especially if you give even half…

  • The qualities of a great WordPress contributor

    Required reading from Nacin for any aspiring WordPress core contributor.

  • Debug Bar Slow Actions

    Debug Bar Slow Actions is an extension for the popular Debug Bar plugin. It adds a new panel with a list of the top 100 slowest actions (and filters) during the current page request. Konstantin has done a great job with this. If you do any amount of site troubleshooting & optimizing, this is worth…

  • The Code History of WordPress

    Nice history lesson from Marko Heijnen.

  • WP Security Audit Log

    Very nice, comprehensive activity logging plugin. Now with Multisite support.

  • Plugin Organizer

    Plugin Organizer adds a whole new level of optimization to WordPress. When activated, you can selectively disable plugins on sections of your site and re-order how they’re loaded. I’m seriously going to have to carve out some time this weekend to fuck around with this.

  • Good People of WordPress: We are Fighting a War

    Some good shit from Rami Abraham. Open-source communities are the front lines against a force few will ever comprehend. WordPress is one of the most influential and powerful of open-source communities on the Internet. Who is our enemy? Closed-source content management systems, sketchy data-mining practices, terrible privacy policies, and the un-ending, Draconian greed of so…

  • Good First Bug

    Want to become a core contributor? Do you have absolutely no idea where to start? Consider keeping an eye on the good-first-bug tag on Trac.

  • Git mirrors for WordPress

    For all practical purposes, the SVN and Git repositories are now equals. Pick your poison; use whatever you’d like for all your development and deployment needs. Fuck. Yes.

  • Query Monitor

    In order to do a few clever things, Query Monitor loads earlier than you ever thought humanly possible (almost). It does this by symlinking a custom db.php in your WP_CONTENT_DIR. This file (when present) gets included before the database driver is loaded, meaning this portion of Query Monitor loads before WordPress even engages its brain.…

  • Hexeosis

    I am basically in love with every animated gif that gets posted over on hexeosis. If you’ve never seen any of his work, go dig through the archives. You won’t be sorry.

  • Dashboard makeover removes “Incoming Links” widget

    Much like Jeffro, I’ve found Incoming Links to be practically useless for the past few years, so I’m glad they’re finally killing the widget.

  • Plugin Pug

    Finally, a well written set of plugin tutorials for beginner and intermediate developers.

  • Ridiculously smart password meter coming to WordPress 3.7

    I’m totally fucking thrilled that 3.7 is using Dropbox’s zxcvbn library to fix the password strength meter.