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  • 104 Miles Later

    Dear San Diego,

    I’ve landed.


  • Lobbying For Dollars

    It’s settled… I’m crashing the lobby at Emerging Tech on Wednesday and Thursday to mingle with the big shot internet types and maybe get a few leads for jobs. If I can manage to weasel my way into a party or two, all the better… ;)

    So if you want to grab a cup of coffee or a bite while I’m in town, drop me a comment [or email/phone call/IM if you have that info] and we’ll see what we can do.

    P.S. Sean was nice enough to offer up the spare bed in his room at the very swanky W Hotel on Wednesday night. Much respect for that, yo.

  • Overwhelming

    What with losing my job, putting in my resume at a dozen places, driving 120 miles, watching “Dave Chappelle’s Block Party”, spending 3 hours trying to check into a series of hotels in Bakersfield, meeting my amazing new girlfriend‘s lovely parents, going to the deadliest mall in Southern California, driving another 100 miles, talking with a recruiter for Fox Interactive [See: MySpace], doing a presentation on Preshrunk at BarCamp LA, co-winning the eIron Chef challenge with my homey Eric and meeting loads of new people, the past four days have been a little hectic to say the least.

    There’s so many things I could uncoil on and flesh out into a solid week’s worth of posts, but my mind really isn’t up to it right now. It may never be. *shrug*

    P.S. If you know of anyone looking for a Junior SysAdmin or Helpdesk/Tech Support Grunt in the Greater/Lesser Los Angeles area [or even Kern County], let me know.
    P.P.S Since I don’t have any real obligations for the forseeable future — you know, other than finding a job — should I crash the lobby at Emerging Tech?
    P.P.P.S. I’d like to call bullshit on Jason Calacanis for scheduling his talk at the same time as mine… The six people who bothered to sit in on my presentation totally seemed to enjoy what I had to say, but I knew I couldn’t bring the heat like Mr. Weblogs Inc. C’est la vie.
    P.P.P.P.S. Does anyone else find it ridiculous that I’ve got more content in my postscripts than I do in the main part of my entry?