Tag: flickr’s birthday

  • Ebony And Irony

    You know what’s funny? Going to Flickr’s birthday party toting two cameras and realizing that you hadn’t taken a single photo.

    Also keep in mind that going to the party is one of the reasons that I flew up for the weekend. *shrug* C’est la vie. At least I finally got to meet Heather in person and see a bunch of people I hadn’t seen in a good two to six months.

    P.S. The highlight of my evening came from Stewart not only recognizing me, but also tilting my arm as he shook my hand to see “the infamous tattoo”. I guess I’m sort of a big deal… ;)

  • Oaktown

    I made it to Click’s place in one piece. We ran around and got indian food, gelato and beers* in Berkeley.

    Tomorrow we run around SF until Flickr’s Birthday Party at 7pm. Hopefully I’ll get to see Frazier for lunch.

    If you want to see me while I’m in town [or will be at the party], drop me an email** or text on my Sidekick.

    * If you ever find yourself in the neighborhood, the Albatross Pub is higly recommended.
    ** jcosper |at| tmail |dot| com, if you don’t already have it.