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Experimental Jet Set

For somebody who spends most of his free time jockeying a laptop, I’ve actually got a semi-busy social week ahead of me:

  • Tomorrow night is April’s BarCamp LA Geek Dinner at Shakey’s in Hollywood. While I’m not so much of a fan of Shakey’s grub, I’m really looking forward to hanging out with the BarCampers again.
  • Friday brings the Helvetica screening at USC. I managed to pick up a ticket when they were announced — and it would seem that I have to pay $25 at the door as I didn’t have to pay anything when I RSVP’ed. Part of me is debating going to the Laguna Beach screening instead tho. Tickets are still available for the 9PM show and they’re only $15 via PayPal. Decisions, decisions…
  • Sunday morning, I hop a flight to Oakland for a well deserved micro-vacation in San Francisco. It’s really more of a weekend trip than a vacation, but I’m going to be doing my fair share of relaxing. My Monday afternoon is spoken for — I’m supposed to be getting lunch with Andy (and hopefully Leonard) on the Yahoo! campus — but if you’re up for hanging out, drop me a direct message on Twitter (or an IM for that matter). I’ll try to squeeze in some face time with as many folks as I can before I see LCD Soundsystem with Frazier on Monday night and fly home for work early Tuesday morning.

See? That’s a busy week for the likes of me — but I’m looking forward to it…


Sore joints. Stuffy head. Tired. Bloodshot eyes. Yep, I’m straight up sick…

Of course this means that I’m not making it to El Cholo tonight. Sorry BarCampers! I’ll catch you next month, I guess.

Last Minute Social Calendar Reminder

Another month, another LA BarCamp Dinner. Tomorrow’s is at the venerable Canter’s Deli.

If you’re in Los Angeles and not doing anything, why don’t you come join us? We’d be happy to have you!


So I was just thinking — it wouldn’t be an altogether horrible idea to get together an OPML or XOXO list of the BarCamp Los Angeles crew’s blogs, would it?

If someone wants to work with me on getting this done, let me know!

Geek, It’s What’s For Dinner

Just a quick note for all of you LA BarCampers who didn’t migrate themselves over to the Google Group

Plan to be in the Hollywood area the evening of April 18th, sometime around 8pm. Heather is trying get a Geek Dinner together. If you’re interested in joining us, please go RSVP.

P.S. Does anyone else think it might be a good idea to take the RSVP and planning process back over to the BarCamp LA Wiki?

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