Category: Events

  • Going Feral

    While reading Jori Finkel’s piece in the New York Times on Machine Project’s LACMA invasion, I was struck by something that Margaret Wertheim said: I don’t know of any city other than L.A. with so many feral groups. Now while she was referring to the Los Angeles art scene, this sort of applies to the tech scene here as well. […]

  • Four Square

    BarCamp + Four Square = EPIC WIN! Seriously, watching everyone revert to 4th grade was totally awesome. People dove for the ball to keep from getting out and were actually ignoring the Xbox 360 to wait in line and play. It was so much fun that I’m thinking we ought to have a pick up […]

  • The Importance of Being Earnest

    A few days ago Michael Arrington dropped a piece of his Silicon Valley into my LA by throwing an absolutely massive party down here. And after talking things over with friends and spending some time thinking about the events of the evening I’ve realized that they are two great tastes that don’t really taste all […]