Category: Film

  • Han Sparato Per Primo

    Even though we have about 20 prints that need framing and hanging, Sarah got me this badass unofficial Italian Star Wars poster for our anniversary. It’s going to look super tight hanging over the desk in my office, isn’t it? Okay. You have no idea what my office looks like. But trust me, it’s going…

  • Dark Knight PSA: Herpes

    If you only watch one video out of the Dark Knight PSA series on YouTube, make it this one.

  • Flight Of The Living Dead

    Snakes on a plane? That shit is straight up played out, yo. Zombies on a plane tho? Now that’s something I can get behind! This trailer makes “Flight Of The Living Dead” (formerly “Plane Dead”) look so horrible that it might end up being hilarious. Fighter jets that are obviously models? Hello Ed Wood! Firing…