Flight Of The Living Dead

Snakes on a plane? That shit is straight up played out, yo. Zombies on a plane tho? Now that’s something I can get behind!

This trailer makes “Flight Of The Living Dead” (formerly “Plane Dead”) look so horrible that it might end up being hilarious. Fighter jets that are obviously models? Hello Ed Wood! Firing machine guns inside an airliner at 30,000 feet? Holy suspension of disbelief, Batman!

Honestly, if I didn’t love zombies and B movies and I saw this trailer, I’m pretty sure I would be out. So it’s a good thing that I do, I guess… ;)

I guess the burning question for me is, when in the hell is this coming out?



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One response to “Flight Of The Living Dead”

  1. Ryan Avatar

    LOL. I’m in ur plane, eating ur passengers! That movie does look so bad it might be good…