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  • Charlie India Oscar

    Until a recent episode of 99% Invisible, I had no idea that You Are Listening To had a numbers station child site. But it does. And it’s pretty amazing. I’ll go ahead and spare you from my amateur synopsis of numbers stations. Instead, load up You are listening to Numbers Stations in a new tab and spend a little quality…

  • The Kitten Covers

    Alright, The Kitten Covers… You win this round. Also, this site has been a thing since 2011? How have I not managed to hear about it before today? I must be getting bad at using the internets.

  • Hello

    I’m just going to go ahead and leave this here. You should probably watch it when you have a minute… (Thanks Sarah!)

  • Lighten Up

    I understand putting a little milk in one’s coffee — but “lightener” just sounds nasty.

  • Dark Knight PSA: Herpes

    If you only watch one video out of the Dark Knight PSA series on YouTube, make it this one.

  • Boba Fett = Pimp

    Every so often I feel like I miss out by not making the trek down to Comic-Con. This is one of those times.

  • Vern Fonk

    I find that one word sums these commercials up better than anything else: Shipoopi!

  • Bad Gas

    It’s gas prices like these (spotted last night on the corner of Cahuenga and Franklin in Hollywood) that make me really glad that I take the Red Line to work. It should be noted that I filled up on Monday in northernmost Orange County for $4.13 for regular — so this station is likely gouging…

  • Jottings In An Old Notebook

    I’m purging a bunch of stuff that I’d rather not move with when a note from someone I used to hang out with circa 2004 fell out of an old notebook. I had no idea that it was there, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t downright inspired… Dew Be Due Bee do ERIS is…

  • True Love Won’t Desert You

    I just have to go on record and say that this shot for shot recreation of the video for Journey’s “Separate Ways” is seriously the best thing that I’ve seen all week. If you even sort of like Journey, you owe it to yourself to stop everything you’re doing and soak all of its majesty…

  • Wither Seven Grand?

    So last night I was informed that Seven Grand is going to enforce a dress code of “collared shirts on the weekends” for the dudes in the new year. I can totally understand why they’d do that — seeing as how it’s a really nice bar and you’d want to discourage the riff-raff from hanging…

  • Purgatory

    I damn near had a blistering Larry David style rant moment at the grocery store this afternoon. After getting into the express line with a single bag of cough drops, I notice that the middle-aged lady in front of me has made a mockery of the “15 items or less policy”. Okay, I’m not in…

  • Flight Of The Living Dead

    Snakes on a plane? That shit is straight up played out, yo. Zombies on a plane tho? Now that’s something I can get behind! This trailer makes “Flight Of The Living Dead” (formerly “Plane Dead”) look so horrible that it might end up being hilarious. Fighter jets that are obviously models? Hello Ed Wood! Firing…

  • Vagina Power

    Speaking of coworkers, my boy Nick P. sent me this little public access nugget over internal IM the other day. You should really know that it’s quite dirty for a lot of work and some home environments — if the title “vagina power” didn’t already tip you off, that is — but it is still…

  • Un Chien Andalou

    And now for something completely different…

  • Adventure Time

  • Out Of Control

    Oh. Holy. Shit. Go watch this right fucking now. Would it help if I said please? Okay, fine… Go watch this right fucking now, please.

  • You Got Your iPod In My DS

    Man, I love the DS homebrew community…

  • Hanging With The Locals

    Leave it to YouTube to have two of the most awesome local television ads I’ve seen in a while. Seriously, both of these are fucking awesome… White Porcelain Norton Furniture

  • Little Superstar, I Love You