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Charlie India Oscar

4764054739_6fbf59c9e7_bUntil a recent episode of 99% Invisible, I had no idea that You Are Listening To had a numbers station child site. But it does. And it’s pretty amazing.

I’ll go ahead and spare you from my amateur synopsis of numbers stations. Instead, load up You are listening to Numbers Stations in a new tab and spend a little quality time with the Wikipedia page in another one. Once you’ve worked through that, there’s also the resources over at The Conet Project.

Sorry in advance if this manages to make you into a crazy person.

Photo credit: Sutro Tower by Jamison Wieser

The Kitten Covers

Cat Flag, "Damaged"

Alright, The Kitten Covers… You win this round.

Also, this site has been a thing since 2011? How have I not managed to hear about it before today? I must be getting bad at using the internets.


I’m just going to go ahead and leave this here. You should probably watch it when you have a minute… (Thanks Sarah!)

Lighten Up

I understand putting a little milk in one’s coffee — but “lightener” just sounds nasty.

Dark Knight PSA: Herpes

If you only watch one video out of the Dark Knight PSA series on YouTube, make it this one.

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