Wither Seven Grand?

So last night I was informed that Seven Grand is going to enforce a dress code of “collared shirts on the weekends” for the dudes in the new year. I can totally understand why they’d do that — seeing as how it’s a really nice bar and you’d want to discourage the riff-raff from hanging out — but it’s a little dismaying nonetheless. Of course I say that because I’m pretty sure I’m the sort of scruffy riff-raff they’re trying to discourage. It also tends to make things a little less fun and a lot more pretentious.

I mean, watching “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” while listening to the Cramps and drinking some whiskey doesn’t really lend itself to the whole “strictly enforced dress code” experience, does it?

I guess Bar 107 just became my weekender when I’m downtown.



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