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Too Much Power

By late next year, Bitcoin could be consuming more electricity than all the world’s solar panels currently produce — about 1.8 percent of global electricity, according to a simple extrapolation of the study’s predictions. That would effectively erase decades of progress on renewable energy.

Bitcoin’s energy use got studied, and you libertarian nerds look even worse than usual

After reading a story on Bitcoin’s energy consumption late last year, I decided to stop being a part of the problem by getting rid of all of my (very meager) cryptocurrency holdings.

Unstable as shit? That, I can handle. But unstable and bad for the environment? Fuck that noise. I’m out.

In case anyone needs me, I’ll be over here marinating in my own self righteousness…

No Fun

Today, through that web browser, there are movies and TV shows and every song ever recorded; it’s where I do my writing and chatting and messaging; it’s where my notes and calendars and social networks live. It’s everything except fun.

I Don’t Know How to Waste Time on the Internet Anymore

I’ve been using the internet for almost 22 years now. Gross, right? Every year, things get less fun around here. Especially the last couple years.

Maybe I’m just getting older. Maybe the internet’s sense of whimsy really has been taken out behind the barn and left for dead. I don’t really know anymore.


The Decision

I know things are normally pretty quiet around here. But I have some actual, legitimate news.

In just a couple weeks, I’ll be joining the Managed WordPress team at Liquid Web as their Senior Performance Engineer. It’s an opportunity for me to get out of Marketing—where I’ve been broadening my skillset since last fall—and back into implementing things that impact users.

The decision to leave WP Engine was hard. In the five and a half years that I’ve been there, we’ve managed to grow the company from five employees in Austin (with me working remotely) to over four hundred and fifty across five offices in the US and Europe. I’m incredibly proud of what they’ve been able to build, as well as the hand that I’ve had in helping to do that.

However, when the opportunity came to work with the team that Chris Lema has put together, I couldn’t pass it up. It was simply too exciting.

So exciting that I don’t even know what else to say without turning this into a big, rambling, 4500-word post. Seriously. The previous revisions of this draft post go to some really weird places. And because I’m not really interested in tying my disjointed ideas together right now, I’ll spare everyone the word salad and post a GIF of how I’m feeling instead.

Maybe I’ll digest things a bit more and write about all of this later. Considering the last post I did here was in March, probably not. But hey, here’s to future aspirations…

Mindfulness is Hard

Ever since I listened to this episode of The Tim Ferriss Show in December, I’ve been thinking about trying to see if I can manage to go 21 days without complaining to help improve my mindfulness.

The plan is a fairly simple one:

  1. Put on one of those silicone (or rubber) bracelets.
  2. Come up with a list of things you consider to be a “complaint”.
    • Besides outright complaints, I’ve included using curse words as intensifiers (ex: the fucking WiFi) and sighing as a response.
      • Yeah. I still sigh about stuff. Like a teenager. 😞
  3. Whenever you catch yourself complaining, move your wristband to your other wrist and reset your “days without a complaint” counter.

To prepare, I bought some unbranded, black rubber bracelets off of Amazon and set up a “No Complaints” goal in Streaks. As soon as the bracelets arrived, I started.

So. How has it gone?

Well, since Monday, I haven’t gone a single day without complaining. Which is kind of a disheartening way to start things out. But I’m not treating this as defeat just yet. Why?

This morning, while I was kicking myself for not making it past a single day, Sarah pointed out that at least I was noticing the times that I had complained. That means that something I’d been doing as an almost reflexive reaction to everything — and paying no mind to — has become something that I can’t stop seeing.

Becoming aware of just how often I complain was the first step. That’s a “no duh” moment now — what with the sharpness of hindsight and all that — but the realization was still a pretty powerful one.

I’ll be 38 next week. Sadly, I’ve been complaining about things for about as long as I’ve been able to speak. Breaking that habit is going to take a while to undo, but I feel like I’m up to the challenge.

Sexy Beasts

New Business Card

While I was in Austin last week, work graced me with a new set of business cards. And they’ve got my new(ish) title! Don’t they look fucking handsome?

I’m sure that everyone I hand them to will silently curse me for their non-standard size, but maybe that’ll become less of an issue once they notice the lightly embossed WP Engine logo.

Or maybe not. But hey, whatever. New cards!

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