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Sad about “Louie” going on hiatus until 2014? Me too.

At least we’ve got @FakeLouieEps to hold us over until then…

The second I saw the picture above, Kanye Wes Anderson became my new favorite site on Tumblr. [via]

WTF by the Numbers

Mitchell Scherr has done a statistical breakdown of what Marc Maron calls his listeners during the intro for WTF over the past 50 episodes. I’ve always really enjoyed hearing “What the fuckstables.” so any time I can see that in print, I’m happy…

Hipster Ipsum: The T-Shirt

Huh. Someone went and made a t-shirt inspired by Hipster Ipsum. And they even gave it the Experimental Jetset treatment.

It only appears to be on sale for the next 6 hours tho. And even after the AUD to USD conversion, it’s still pretty close to $40. So if you want it and don’t mind shelling out a little money, act fast.

On Being A Sellout

Damn. It’s been kind of a big week for Hipster Ipsum. Like linked on Kottke, Boing Boing, swissmiss & the Urban Outfitters blog big.

While I never intended for it to be anything more than something a few friends would laugh at, all of this attention is compelling me to add a couple new features. Hopefully I’ll find a little time in the next week to do both a “work safe” filter and a “submit a word” form, but I’m not going to go and make any grand promises.

At the end of the day, I’m just happy that people are finding something that I made funny (and/or useful) and I don’t want to squander that. So if anyone has suggestions for features, let me know!

Update: I’ve gone ahead and made the whole site work safe by cutting the instances of “fuck” and “shit” out of the database. Now you can use the output for whatever work related designs you’d like.

Update: I added chartbeat to the site just to keep an eye on things and, well, holy crap.

Update: I put a “submit a word” form up yesterday, but we ran into the submission limit for the free account on Wufoo. I’ve since replaced it with a form I slapped together in Google Docs. I really hope I can get some time to go thru the suggestions soon and hand pick/add some of the better ones to the site. Thanks again for all the love, everyone!

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