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Note to Self: Stop saying that you’re “busy” when people ask about the things that are happening in your life. Everybody is busy.

Besides, it’s a boring fucking answer. And it makes you sound like a real asshole too.

Sad about “Louie” going on hiatus until 2014? Me too.

At least we’ve got @FakeLouieEps to hold us over until then…

The second I saw the picture above, Kanye Wes Anderson became my new favorite site on Tumblr. [via]

WTF by the Numbers

Mitchell Scherr has done a statistical breakdown of what Marc Maron calls his listeners during the intro for WTF over the past 50 episodes. I’ve always really enjoyed hearing “What the fuckstables.” so any time I can see that in print, I’m happy…

Hipster Ipsum: The T-Shirt

Huh. Someone went and made a t-shirt inspired by Hipster Ipsum. And they even gave it the Experimental Jetset treatment.

It only appears to be on sale for the next 6 hours tho. And even after the AUD to USD conversion, it’s still pretty close to $40. So if you want it and don’t mind shelling out a little money, act fast.

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