A little housekeeping

If — by some minor miracle — you’re still following this site in your favorite RSS reader, you might’ve noticed that I’ve been a busy little beaver over the last several days. What’ve I been up to? Well…

  • I migrated some archival content over from a couple of side projects that stalled out.
    • gomi no sensei, my early COVID-19 pandemic, Doctorow style, dailyish newsletter that I ran for a few weeks in early 2020.
    • blog.boogah.org, a more personal site where I didn’t have to worry about all the technical debt that I’d accumulated here.
  • I migrated all of my site’s content over to using blocks via the WP-CLI bulk converter added to 10up’s great Convert to Blocks plugin.
  • I updated about ninety posts in the Linked category to use the Bookmark Card block instead of Daring Fireball style links. This decision was made mainly because the plugin I was using hadn’t been updated in at least 11 years. 😅
  • Getting rid of that ancient plugin freed me from the technical debt that was holding me back from changing themes and embracing Full Site Editing in WordPress. I’m using Davis Blocks as my current theme, but will likely cycle through a few until I find one that feels like “home”.

Does this mean that I’m going to start posting here again? Honestly, at this point, I’ve learned to not make promises that I don’t know if I can keep. So let’s just say maybe.