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  • A little housekeeping

    If — by some minor miracle — you’re still following this site in your favorite RSS reader, you might’ve noticed that I’ve been a busy little beaver over the last several days. What’ve I been up to? Well… I migrated some archival content over from a couple of side projects that stalled out. gomi no…

  • Sophomore Release

    Out of 2732 user submissions, I just collected and added 35 words & phrases to Hipster Ipsum. That means that only 1.281% of the stuff that people gave me was actually usable. The rest of it was names of people, inside jokes, repeats of stuff already in the database and a staggering amount of slurs and…

  • Further Adventures in Ipsum

    Huh. A little Hipster Ipsum made it into Android’s Design Pattern documentation. P.S. Can’t find it? Look here. [via]