Category: Video

  • Gotta Podcatch ‘Em All

    A couple great WordPress podcasts — WP Dev Table and WPwatercooler — have been nice enough to have me on as a guest recently. Instead of having you dig around each site to find the episodes, I’ll just go ahead and leave them here… As you can see, I’m a pretty insightful guy. Humble too. Want to have me…

  • Cacio e Pepe Ramen

    In a flash of epicurean genius, Sarah decided to whip up a batch of David Chang‘s Cacio e Pepe Ramen for dinner last night. And while it’s not something I’d eat all the time — it was actually super rich — I wouldn’t be against downing another bowl of it at some point in the (nearish) future.

  • I’m in Love With the PAKO

    While I never bought into the Flappy Bird hype, I totally get the appeal of infuriatingly brief casual games. So I decided to try out PAKO after finding it over the weekend. The TL;DW (too long; didn’t watch) of the video above is this: Pick a closed, arena-style level. Don’t crash. Avoid cops. Even though I haven’t…