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  • Gotta Podcatch ‘Em All

    A couple great WordPress podcasts — WP Dev Table and WPwatercooler — have been nice enough to have me on as a guest recently. Instead of having you dig around each site to find the episodes, I’ll just go ahead and leave them here… As you can see, I’m a pretty insightful guy. Humble too. Want to have me…

  • Cacio e Pepe Ramen

    In a flash of epicurean genius, Sarah decided to whip up a batch of David Chang‘s Cacio e Pepe Ramen for dinner last night. And while it’s not something I’d eat all the time — it was actually super rich — I wouldn’t be against downing another bowl of it at some point in the (nearish) future.

  • I’m in Love With the PAKO

    While I never bought into the Flappy Bird hype, I totally get the appeal of infuriatingly brief casual games. So I decided to try out PAKO after finding it over the weekend. The TL;DW (too long; didn’t watch) of the video above is this: Pick a closed, arena-style level. Don’t crash. Avoid cops. Even though I haven’t…

  • Super Hexagon

    Practically every spare moment I’ve had over the last few days has been filled with very short rounds of Super Hexagon for iOS. It can be sort of hard at first — at least until you get the hang of the controls — but it’s also insanely addictive. If you value your free time, stay away at…

  • One-Point Perspective

    I hadn’t realized that Stanley Kubrick was so fond of one-point perspective shots, but after watching this compilation, I totally get why.

  • Like Tears In Rain

    I am totally in love with Anders Ramsell’s watercolor version of Blade Runner. It’s extremely beautiful. I just hope that he can finish the whole movie. [via]

  • WP201: The Video

    The folks over at have posted my section of the day long class I helped teach on WordPress performance & security during WordCamp Phoenix 2012. The audio is a little muffled and the video is 10 minutes longer than the theatrical release of The Avengers — and nowhere near as entertaining — but I tried to pack it…

  • Shit People Say in LA

    This one’s for the locals. And the people who don’t live here but still like to laugh at the locals. [via]

  • Hello

    I’m just going to go ahead and leave this here. You should probably watch it when you have a minute… (Thanks Sarah!)

  • Shut Up and Play the Hits

    There was talk that LCD Soundsystem was eventually going to release the footage from their three and a half hour long final show on DVD. And while I was pulling for that (and a decently mastered audio version) I’m almost more excited that it’s getting the documentary treatment with Shut Up and Play the Hits.

  • Peeling a Whole Head of Garlic, Very Quickly

    At first, I saw this and I was like: But then I did some Googling and saw that Real Simple suggested the same method and I was like:

  • Blinded By The Lights

    *sigh* I’ll never get tired of looking at this city all lit up.

  • PS22 Chorus + Freelance Whales I seriously love the version of “Generator ^ First Floor” that the PS22 Chorus did here. It’s pretty damn epic. Then again, it doesn’t hurt that the Freelance Whales are hanging out and backing them up. Great, great, great song.

  • Oh My God — It’s Full Of Rainbows!

    Double Rainbow + 2001 = Instant win. [via]

  • Left 4 Dead: NES Edition

    The only thing that makes me happier than knowing that this exists is knowing that it should be available for download in January of 2010. Anyone have any suggestions for good NES emulators for Linux?

  • Crowds Have Terrible Taste

    I totally missed this video when it made the rounds months ago — but after watching it, I think Christopher R. Weingarten is my new hero. Well, maybe not my hero. But at least he’s my favorite music critic now. If topics like crowdsourcing and its effects on criticism interest you at all, the video…

  • Left 4 Dead 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Squee! My all-time favorite multiplayer FPS is getting a sequel! And melee weapons! This has managed to make me so excited that I can’t seem to stop using exclamation points! Oh. Wait. Yes I can. *whew* That was a close one. Last time I got stuck like that it took me a week to snap…

  • I Reckon

    This Gnarls Barkley cover of Radiohead’s “Reckoner” totally manages to make up for the fact that I didn’t really care for “The Odd Couple”.

  • History Hacker

    Ever since I’d heard about History Hacker, I’ve been geeked about it. Now, maker extraordinaire and super rad video blogger Bre Pettis, is getting a crack at the big leagues when his show airs on The History Channel this Friday at 8 PM. The pilot involves Tesla and his back and forth feud with Edison…

  • Minor Threat

    Sir Ben Kingsley playing Ian MacKaye?  Why the hell not? Normally I’d say “that’s a stretch” — but the whole shaved head/fully bald thing actually sort of makes for inspired casting.