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Like Tears In Rain

I am totally in love with Anders Ramsell’s watercolor version of Blade Runner. It’s extremely beautiful. I just hope that he can finish the whole movie. [via]

WP201: The Video

The folks over at have posted my section of the day long class I helped teach on WordPress performance & security during WordCamp Phoenix 2012. The audio is a little muffled and the video is 10 minutes longer than the theatrical release of The Avengers — and nowhere near as entertaining — but I tried to pack it as full of as much information as possible. Enjoy!

Shit People Say in LA

This one’s for the locals. And the people who don’t live here but still like to laugh at the locals. [via]


I’m just going to go ahead and leave this here. You should probably watch it when you have a minute… (Thanks Sarah!)

Shut Up and Play the Hits

There was talk that LCD Soundsystem was eventually going to release the footage from their three and a half hour long final show on DVD. And while I was pulling for that (and a decently mastered audio version) I’m almost more excited that it’s getting the documentary treatment with Shut Up and Play the Hits.

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