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Shortcake Bakery

Shortcake + Shortcake Bakery = Easy PDF, JavaScript, iFrame, Facebook post, Scribd & Genius embeds from the team at Fusion.

There’s also a really nice image comparison tool. If you’re into that sort of thing. Which I am.

Scaling WordPress queries with Elasticsearch

File under: Cool shit you can do with Elasticsearch.

WPScan Licensing

It looks like the WordPress security tool WPScan is looking to move away from the GNU GPL license for their software. That’s rather unfortunate, but after reading about companies trying to repackage and sell WPScan as their own work, I totally get where they’re coming from.

Chasing these companies takes time, sometimes a whole day of emails back and forth arguing the intricacies of the GNU GPL while they try and weasel their way out of complying to our license. This takes a lot of my time away from the important stuff, working on WPScan and the WPScan Vulnerability Database. Because of this I decided to add a clause to the license. If you want to sell WPScan you can pay for a commercial license, otherwise you can use it under the GNU GPL.

After a few months with this license it was pointed out to me that the GNU GPL does not allow these kind of clauses. What some individuals and companies decided was a ‘loophole’.

Their new (proposed) license has been posted as a Gist — which I’ve embedded below — and the developers are welcoming feedback.

If you’re schooled in Public/Open Source software licenses and are interested in the future of WordPress security tools, go leave a comment!

Making Your Own High Performance WordPress Server

Clever forks of WP Engine’s Mercury Vagrant for the “roll your own server” types courtesy of Zach Adams.

I say “forks” because he’s actually crafted two different Ansible playbooks. One deploys  WordPress, HHVM, Percona, PHP-FPM & nginx to a server of your choosing while the other adds Varnish, Memcached & APC to the mix.

I have a vested interest in folks signing up for service at WP Engine — seeing as how I work there and all that — but this is still pretty fantastic.

WordPress SEO Tamer

Love Yoast’s WordPress SEO but hate some of the clutter that it brings to your dashboard? There’s a plugin for that.

This plugin also — as Joost points out — breaks the business model that supports WordPress SEO’s development by blocking the ads for Yoast’s other plugins & services. You can turn the ads back on in Tamer’s options, but that’s still a pretty shitty thing to do. 

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