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Deploy Elasticsearch on Google Compute Engine

Thanks to Google, you can now quickly spin up an Elasticsearch instance for a few dollars a month. Couple that with WordPress plugins like ElasticPress & ES_WP_Query and you can get some pretty nice performance boosts in places where folks don’t normally bother to optimize.

WP Performance Profiler

The crew at interconnect/it makes some quality stuff, so I’m pretty excited to try this out.

All the Options in the WordPress Theme Customizer

In reality we’re taking the same problem of providing too many options and migrating them from the Dashboard to the WordPress Theme Customizer.


Tom McFarlin nails it once again.


Speaking of JavaScript, here’s a Node.js-based client for the JSON REST API that’ll eventually make its way into WordPress core.

Is JavaScript taking over WordPress?

Unless something totally crazy happens, WordPress is going to be written in PHP for the foreseeable future. However, the more that core turns into an API endpoint for all the JavaScript that’s being added to it, the less beholden the project has to be to PHP.

So maybe you should think about buying a JavaScript book or something.

Or don’t. It’s your fucking livelihood.

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