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  • Stock & Larder

    The Salt & Fat guys have thrown together a fantastic list of kitchen essentials at Stock & Larder. If you’re looking to round out your cupboards — or you’re trying to come up with something for your favorite home chef this holiday season — you ought to consider checking it out.

  • The 30 Steps To Mastery

    Dear Ben Casnocha,

    You totally fucking nailed it, dude.

    1. Start
    2. Keep going.
    3. You think you’re starting to get the hang of it.
    4. You see someone else’s work and feel undeniable misery.
    5. Keep going.
    6. Keep going.
    7. You feel like maybe, possibly, you kinda got it now.
    8. You don’t.
    9. Keep going.

    Read the remainder here.

  • Underground Eats

    File under “things I didn’t know about 505 Flower before tonight”:

    • Despite almost everything else in the complex dropping their shutters after lunch, Saffron stays open until 9 PM.  So now I have an option other than Subway, Carl’s Jr., Famima, The Standard or Casey’s.  Even better is the fact that it’s Indian food.  Which I love.  So yay for Saffron!
    • Speaking of Famima, they’ve got a huge one hiding down there.  And it’s stocked better than the one off 6th and Grand.  Their refrigerator case had a pile of extra spicy tuna rolls, the steamer was loaded with bao and the shelves were brimming with a bunch of exotic Pocky.  Until the one right across the street from our building opens up, this totally is my new go-to Famima.

    You might think I’m easily swayed, but both of these things (along with the fact that Weiland serves Craftsman) have pretty much redeemed that bomb shelter of a food court for me.