Two iPhone Apps I’d Like To See

Like most of the other geeky iPhone owners out there, I’ve been playing with lately. While it’s great and all, there are two apps that would make my life complete:

  1. Flickr Uploader: Yeah, I know I can mail photos to Flickr — but doing it one-by-one is just too damn tedious. Besides, I hate that the built-in mail client shrinks photos down to something “friendly”. I’m not quite sure about anyone else, but being able to check off multiple photos and send full resolution versions of them in a batch while I’m at an event would be optimal for me.
  2. Client: I’ve been wanting to upload my on-the-go listening habits to ever since I bought an iPod a few years back. Now that we’ve got an iPod that has always-on internet, why shouldn’t this be possible?

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who would find these applications useful. So who wants to pool together a little money to put a bounty out for them?

Update 1: So it’s not as elegant as I’d like, but iFlickr is a start as far as Flickr uploaders go.
Update 2: I’ve actually had a chance to install the iFlickr package. And after playing with it for a little while, I’ve ended up uninstalling it. Let’s just say it needs plenty of work before I’ll run it again.





3 responses to “Two iPhone Apps I’d Like To See”

  1. pradeepta Avatar

    What would change your mind? Any suggestions for the app?

  2. Jason Cosper Avatar

    @pradeepta: Wow! Hey! Thanks for asking!

    If I sounded harsh in my criticism, I’m sorry. By even making the app, you’re doing a lot more than I ever could.

    Part of me expects a Flickr uploader to prompt what pictures you’d like to pull out of your library, prompts you for titles if necessary — default tags could be set on an options screen much like the one where login info is stored — and then it just goes to work.

    When I ran the app on my phone, it seemed to turn on the camera and not allow me to do much outside of authenticating on Flickr. If I was being thick headed, let me know and I’ll give it another install and admit my ignorance with another update.

  3. pradeepta Avatar

    The app could be sort of a replacement for the (that is the vision). What it can do is

    a) Take a picture and store in you photo library on iphone (as iPhone’s does)

    b) Plus : Uploads the pics to Flickr

    a) and b) happen with just one click. Check out the video at

    I would definitely add tagging in the next release. Another possibility is adding automatic geotagging to the pictures by using phone’s cell tower information.