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Normally, I ignore iOS based WordPress post editors, but I was tipped off to Poster while listening to this week’s episode of  Systematic and it actually looks crazy nice. Besides being easy on the eyes, it’s got Dropbox integration, Markdown support, custom fields, post format selection and even slug editing.

Slug editing! From a 3rd party WordPress client for iOS!

Hrmph. Maybe I should be getting more excited about the Markdown and Dropbox support. I mean, those things will have more impact on my workflow than slug editing ever will. Still, this is a total steal at $3.99, right?

Super Hexagon

Practically every spare moment I’ve had over the last few days has been filled with very short rounds of Super Hexagon for iOS. It can be sort of hard at first — at least until you get the hang of the controls — but it’s also insanely addictive.

If you value your free time, stay away at all costs. But if you prefer to lose hours cursing under your breath every few seconds, check it out!

Review: Nixon Nomadic Headphones

I told myself that I was going to wait for the reviews before I rushed out and bought myself a pair of Nixon Nomadic headphones. Sure, the product page made them look dead sexy — but could they possibly live up to the marketing hype?

2 weeks on, my patience was wearing thin. Not a single word had surfaced and I was getting antsy. No. I wasn’t going to give in. If they were good, I’d hear about it eventually. Patience is a virtue, and I was going to stick to my original plan.

A week later, I had them in my grubby paws. Fuck patience. My want overruled any plans I might have had. And while I might be weak, at least I had a shiny new way to listen to music.

So how are they? Surprisingly good, actually. The first handful of tracks that I listened to had the right amount of punch along with just enough nuance. Even the audiobook that I’m currently consuming sounded great.

On top of that, they’re solidly built. The ball and socket joints manage to swivel freely while not getting too squirrelly and the memory foam ear pads contour quite nicely. The fact that the headphone cable detaches for easy packing and the right ear has an independent volume control built-in are just icing on the cake.

Oh, did I mention these were iPhone compatible? No? Well, they are. And the mic, I’ve been told, sounds fantastic. Like a heavy one-inch button, there’s really no fumbling for it to change tracks or answer calls. Your hand just sort of gravitates to it.

Other than feeling just a little tight on my Charlie Brown sized head, these are pretty much flawless. They’re seriously my new favorite headphones — and well worth the $120 I shelled out for them. If you’ve got the cash to burn, I highly recommend them.

Planning A Jailbreak

Now that it’s a given that I’m buying a 3G iPhone, I need to figure out how to use a jailbroken first gen iPhone to pull traffic data for my TomTom One.  It might take a little work tho as Google’s not turning up any solid results.

Anyone on the LazyWeb have any ideas?

P.S. It might be a wise idea to buy .Mac at Amazon (for $69.99) in the next few days if you don’t already have it. That way, when MobileMe replaces .Mac you’ll have saved $30 on your first year of service.

One Step Closer

So I just stumbled onto Pushr via tonight. After playing with it for a few minutes, I’ve gotta say that I feel like I’m getting close to my holy grail as far as Flickr apps go.

Okay, so I can’t select which photos I want to upload or give them titles or tags — so we’re more like 25% of the way there. But what Pushr does do is force everything in my Camera Roll onto Flickr at full resolution. And let me tell you, having the capability to do that is pretty damn sweet. So long as I’m near a WiFi hotspot, I’d much rather do a few quick edits via the web after uploading what I’ve got rather than use iFlickr as a replacement for the Camera app — which forces uploads after taking pictures without any real chance to approve the shot.

Of course, that’s just my personal preference tho…

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