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  • All Basses Covered

    I’ve been meaning to write something for almost a month now. It’s not like I have writer’s block or anything. Far from it. I’ve just been a bit preoccupied with work. Fortunately, I’ve had this mix from DJ Shadow to help me crank through the past few weeks of long, 10+ hour days. “All Basses Covered” is…

  • Factory Records

    Hah! This Charlie Brown record collection meme is cracking me up. [via]

  • Incidentals

    Sweet! Cabel Sasser finally released the long-awaited soundtrack for The Incident! And it’s got a ton of bonus material to boot! So go grab it! Or else I’ll keep using exclamation points to end every sentence! FOREVER!

  • Unknown Pleasures

    I’ve known the story of the cover artwork for Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures for quite some time now, but it’s always a pleasure to be able to hear Peter Saville talk about it. [via]

  • Swissted

    I really wish these posters from swissted were real. Swiss design and punk rock are two things that I love like crazy. To be honest, if I had the opportunity, I’d probably buy way too many of them. So maybe it’s a good thing that they’re just images on the internets… [via]

  • PS22 Chorus + Freelance Whales I seriously love the version of “Generator ^ First Floor” that the PS22 Chorus did here. It’s pretty damn epic. Then again, it doesn’t hurt that the Freelance Whales are hanging out and backing them up. Great, great, great song.

  • Bands I Want To See In 2010

    While my list is a little shorter than in years past, I’d be perfectly happy if I got to see all (or at least most) of these bands sometime in the next 365 days. The Hold Steady LCD Soundsystem The xx Tokyo Police Club The Pixies Eels Who’s on your “must see” list this year?

  • Crowds Have Terrible Taste

    I totally missed this video when it made the rounds months ago — but after watching it, I think Christopher R. Weingarten is my new hero. Well, maybe not my hero. But at least he’s my favorite music critic now. If topics like crowdsourcing and its effects on criticism interest you at all, the video…

  • Bye Bye, Indie

    A little more than five years after it fired up with a rather curious DJ-free playlist, Indie’s going off the airwaves in LA. And while I’ll miss being able to tune-in while driving around, I’m happy that they’re going to try to keep things going online. If I ever miss it enough while rolling thru…

  • Review: Nixon Nomadic Headphones

    I told myself that I was going to wait for the reviews before I rushed out and bought myself a pair of Nixon Nomadic headphones. Sure, the product page made them look dead sexy — but could they possibly live up to the marketing hype? 2 weeks on, my patience was wearing thin. Not a…

  • I Reckon

    This Gnarls Barkley cover of Radiohead’s “Reckoner” totally manages to make up for the fact that I didn’t really care for “The Odd Couple”.

  • Julia Nunes

    For whatever reason, I’ve really been into Julia Nunes lately.  Crystal introduced me to her mostly Uke oriented covers on YouTube a few months back and she ping ponged around in my brain until a week ago.  While she does some solid originals, the standout tracks — for me at least — are her covers. Since she…

  • Macbook Air vs. Girl Talk

    As far as I’m concerned, this video is absolute genius.  Of course, I might be a bit partial due to the fact that I’m totally in love with the new Girl Talk album — but that’s really beside the point.

  • Motivation

    “Everybody keeps on talking about it, nobody’s getting it done.” LCD Soundsystem, “Yeah (Crass Version)“ *sigh* I hate being one of those new age douchebags that talk about personal mantras — but I still feel compelled to share this. I have to confess that every time I find myself hitting a brick wall mentally or I…

  • The Last 5 Songs I Bought On iTunes

    One of the reasons I love iTunes is because it lets my sometimes questionable and eclectic music tastes be sated with a small handful of button pushes. Yeah, the DRM is a janky pile of shit — as all DRM is — but being able to scratch an itch right away is worth a buck…

  • Where Is My Mind?

    I know Surfer Rosa is supposed to be iconic and amongst the best rock albums of all time — but as time goes on, I’m finding that I like Doolittle way more. If you’re looking for something deep, there’s no point other than the one above. I guess I’m just sayin’, that’s all…

  • Hotel Yorba… On A Bus

    Despite the fact that a few members of the audience get on my nerves a bit — shouty guy, I’m looking at you — here’s a great bit of footage from The White Stripes recent performance on a Winnipeg City Bus. Despite its shortcomings, it’s definitely worth sharing.

  • Shall We Play A Game?

    I’m running up on the Yay Area at the end of the month to see LCD Soundsystem — as well as a few friends — and I’d really like to put my name in the hat for a round of Faceball if at all possible. My inner masochist thinks it’d be worth making the trip…

  • Gimme Some Ear Candy

    At first, I had a real hard time shelling out $9.99 for for 15 minutes worth of content — but now that I’ve done so, I’m really glad I picked up Ze Frank‘s The Songs from iTunes. It’s a collection of 21 Ze classics such as Where The Fuck Do Ideas Come From? and Anti-intellectualism…

  • Apple And EMI Drop DRM

    The best part (to me at least) about Apple and EMI’s DRM free deal is the news that full album prices are still going to stay the same. That is to say that the price will remain around the $9.99 mark — but your purchase will apparently net you the DRM free 256 kbps AAC…