CMD + Conquer

When I started over at WP Engine earlier this week, a brand new MacBook Air came into my possession. It’s very pretty and lightweight and I kind of love it more than any other computer I’ve ever owned. So much so that I made the decision to break with my normal tradition and keep this hot little number sticker free.

That declaration only lasted about a day and a half tho…

Why? Well, I just came across the Command Bamboo Back from Grove. And I really want it. Like in a bad way.

It’s not a traditional sticker tho. It’s made out of real bamboo. And the shape carved into it actually changes that (somewhat ubiquitous) glowing Apple logo into something that I love so much that I put it on me forever.

Anyhow, they’ve got a bunch of clever and novel designs over there. If you’re looking for something a bit different, do yourself a favor and browse around their shop.