Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, 04.23.20

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We’ve got a war on our hands, people.

The springtime gophers that have taken up residence in our back yard have been going off this year. When I woke up this morning, I found at least four new mounds of varying sizes scattered about.

Last year, a heavy blanket of Uncle Ian’s all over our yard took care of them. But I checked the garage a few days ago, and found that I maybe have enough to funnel into each one of their mounds before flattening them back out.

That’ll keep them away for a minute, but I’m definitely going to need to order more repellent. Maybe a sonic spike or two. 🤔

Heaven forbid I have to go full Caddyshack on their lil asses…

Porcupine Racetrack 2020

Members of 90s comedy troupe The State reunite (virtually) to do a cover of their classic Porcupine Racetrack sketch.

I’ve already watched the cover and the original at least five times each. It is very much my happy place. I hope that maybe it’s yours too.

FAQ: Composting

McSweeney’s comes through with a composting FAQ that goes off the rails very quickly.

6 Feet Back or 6 Feet Under

My buddy Derek made a new tee that’s perfect for anyone who’s courageous enough to wander outside rn.


An open source fork of TiddlyWiki with features similar to the (eventually premium) SaaS offering Roam.

I’ve been keeping my outboard brain in nvALT for ages, but before that I used Instiki. I kind of miss having a personal wiki, so maybe I’ll import some content over and try living with it… (via)

Alright… I need to get a little exercise in before I start working on dinner. Only ~13 minutes worth, according to my watch.

Cheeseburgers tonight! Pretty nice