Go Duck Yourself

Following Ben Brooks’ lead, I’ve decided to replace my site’s search engine with DuckDuckGo. But all of the solutions he’s linked up have been a little fiddly and require editing your theme files. And while I’m okay with doing that, I realize a lot of folks probably aren’t.

So I pulled together this little bit of form code:

All you need to do is change “example.com” to your domain and drop the code in a text widget. Like this:

Easy, right? Now nothing is stopping you from using DuckDuckGo as your WordPress site’s search engine!





3 responses to “Go Duck Yourself”

  1. Torsten Raudssus Avatar

    As a small hint from DuckDuckGo: we also accept the get parameter &sites= (sadly it still just accept one sitename :) )

    Example: http://duckduckgo.com/?q=test&sites=duckduckgo.com

    1. Jason Cosper Avatar

      Oh, that’s good to know. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. BostonPeng Avatar

    Sweet. It makes me wish I could either host my blog myself since I can’t edit the code on my WP.com blog. Thanks for the info.