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Catching Up Is Hard To Do

I just realized that it’s been weeks since I’ve caught an episode of House or Gilmore Girls. I wonder if it’s even worth trying to get back up to speed at this point.

Fresh Episodes

So, Gilmore Girls is back — and after watching the season opener, I’ve gotta say that I’m mildly pleased with the show under its new management. The Rory/Lorelai interplay is still mostly there, and that’s one of the things that keeps me coming back. Some of their conversations missed a little of that Amy-Sherman Palladino sparkle and pop, but I enjoyed pretty much every scene that they shared.

Rory: How can you not have ice?
Lorelai: You know I don’t cook!

With that being said, the show’s going to need to work a bit harder to keep me watching. I don’t care how much of the hots I have for Lauren Graham — or how clever I think the writing can be — I seriously can’t take much more of this broody Lorelai crap.

I’ve invested enough time in this show that I honestly hope that they can keep me watching. If they don’t, it’s quite possible that they’ll end up losing me to House.

Scheduling Conflicts

It’s no secret that I loves me some “Gilmore Girls“. So while I’m excited to see the show come back, I’m also sad that I have to make a choice between it and “House” as of next week.

I guess BitTorrent and my brother’s roommate’s TiVo will have to fill in the blanks for me…



I finally managed to see Brick with Sarah this weekend — and I’d go so far as to say that it’s probably my favorite movie of the past year. Then again, I’ve always had a soft spot for film noir inspired work.

Perhaps one of my favorite bits of the movie were the snappy, rapid fire verbal acrobatics. How rapid fire was it? Let’s just say that at times, the delivery would have made the Gilmore Girls head spin.

Brad Bramish: Oh yeah?
Brendan Frye: Yeah.
Brad Bramish: Oh yeah?
Brendan Frye: Yeah.
Brad Bramish: Yeah?
Brendan Frye: There’s a thesaurus in the library. Yeah is under “Y”. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Renting this totally made up for seeing “Snakes On A Plane” on Friday…

Mash Ups Go Mainstream

Maybe it’s just me, but did anyone else find it a bit weird to hear Go Home Productions “Rapture Riders” on Alias tonight?

I know it’s on Blondie’s “Sound and Vision” and everything, but I remember when I downloaded that track off his website well over a year ago. It’s just sort of a trip for me to hear a mash up that I’ve listened to a whole bunch on a TV show I used to watch obsessively.

What’s next, Party Ben‘s “Boulevard of Broken Songs” making an appearance on Gilmore Girls?

P.S. Unlike Sean, I was happy that the bomb in Will’s brain didn’t go off.

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