Fresh Episodes

So, Gilmore Girls is back — and after watching the season opener, I’ve gotta say that I’m mildly pleased with the show under its new management. The Rory/Lorelai interplay is still mostly there, and that’s one of the things that keeps me coming back. Some of their conversations missed a little of that Amy-Sherman Palladino sparkle and pop, but I enjoyed pretty much every scene that they shared.

Rory: How can you not have ice?
Lorelai: You know I don’t cook!

With that being said, the show’s going to need to work a bit harder to keep me watching. I don’t care how much of the hots I have for Lauren Graham — or how clever I think the writing can be — I seriously can’t take much more of this broody Lorelai crap.

I’ve invested enough time in this show that I honestly hope that they can keep me watching. If they don’t, it’s quite possible that they’ll end up losing me to House.