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Fake Louie Episodes

Sad about “Louie” going on hiatus until 2014? Me too.

At least we’ve got @FakeLouieEps to hold us over until then…

Batman ’66

Every single image over at The Batman ’66 Project puts a gigantic smile on my face. But the one above made me laugh. Out loud. [via]

History Hacker

Ever since I’d heard about History Hacker, I’ve been geeked about it. Now, maker extraordinaire and super rad video blogger Bre Pettis, is getting a crack at the big leagues when his show airs on The History Channel this Friday at 8 PM.

The pilot involves Tesla and his back and forth feud with Edison and has a style that seems like it was made for the ritalin set. So if the promo video above looks interesting at all, consider adding it to your DVR and checking it out.


After watching something yesterday on YouTube — which ended up being pretty forgettable in the end — I managed to stumble onto Channel 4’s Fonejacker. As someone who grew up on stuff like The Jerky Boys, I ended up consuming every one of them I could get my grubby little mitts on. I think what I like about them more than anything else is that they’re updated to cover topics like 419 scammers, outsourced cold callers and voice activated help services. Seriously, if you watch nothing else on YouTube this week, at least give these a go.

P.S. There’s two more videos for your viewing pleasure after the jump.

On Taking Charge

“Sometimes you just have to be the boss of dancing.”

Michael Scott, The Office

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