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Vagina Power

Speaking of coworkers, my boy Nick P. sent me this little public access nugget over internal IM the other day. You should really know that it’s quite dirty for a lot of work and some home environments — if the title “vagina power” didn’t already tip you off, that is — but it is still very hilarious. You should definitely watch it when you have a minute.

Just to get you prepared for the greatness inside, I’ve got a few choice Alexyss Tylor quotes scraped together for y’all to enjoy…

“She insane. Her mind ain’t good because the penis done ejaculated all in her brain.”

“If you want to earn your man, you got to learn your man.”

“With a penis all up in your vagina man, you don’t have no defenses.”

See? It’s totally magical! How could you not want to look now?

Update: Alexyss Tylor has a MySpace! Thanks for the add!

Adventure Time

Catching Up Is Hard To Do

I just realized that it’s been weeks since I’ve caught an episode of House or Gilmore Girls. I wonder if it’s even worth trying to get back up to speed at this point.

Best. SNL Digital Short. Ever.

It feels weird to post a SNL Digital Short that’s actually been uploaded to YouTube by NBC, but here it is in all its uncensored glory. Oh yeah, a big ol’ NSFW on this one BTW…

Hanging With The Locals

Leave it to YouTube to have two of the most awesome local television ads I’ve seen in a while. Seriously, both of these are fucking awesome…

White Porcelain

Norton Furniture

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