Let’s Post It Out, Bitch

Summer TV can be sort of abysmal, so I’m really glad Entourage is back. Between OnDemand and reruns, I must have watched the first two seasons at least six times each since the show went into hibernation for the winter back in September of last year.

Since I know that I only have a few months worth of new Ari Gold related dicketry and Johnny Drama/Turtle insults to soak up, I’m going to appreciate them while I have the chance. I’ve already watched last week’s season opener four times in the last week. And I’m sure I’ll throw tonight’s episode on a few times over the course of this next week.

What can I say? I’m sort of addicted.

Now that I’ve got that all of that gushing bullshit out of the way, how much of this season are we going to blow on Aquaman? I mean, not that it matters or anything — I just want to find out what the fuck happened with Queens Boulevard. And if they could let us know how the whole Turtle managing Saigon thing is going too, that’d be sort of nice…




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  1. Andy Avatar

    Awesome title-ing!