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  • Rocking Your Own Shit

    I’ve finally had the time to read Pitchfork’s interview with James Murphy from this last Monday and it’s actually a pretty amusing read. If you’re into the LCD Soundsystem at all, it’s most definitely worth your time. Check it…

    Pitchfork: You said you try to make music you want to listen to at home. Do you listen to your own records at home?

    JM: Yeah, I do a lot.

    Pitchfork: A lot?

    JM: Well, before I go on tour. They’re new to me, and I’m just experiencing them. Right now, I just got this record done, so I’ve been driving around listening to it. I try to listen to it before it comes out because people see you driving your car and listening to your own record. It’s happened to me before. I was listening to an edit last year and pulled up to a red light in Williamsburg, and two kids looked in and were like, “He’s listening to his own record.”

    Pitchfork: They knew who you were?

    JM: Yeah, I was in fucking Williamsburg. And the kids were like, “Hey it’s the DFA dude…and he’s listening to his new record.” They probably thought, “What a jerk! Do you take pictures of yourself too?”

  • Archival Gomi: 10 Questions With Eric Kleptone

    You know, I realized the other day that I’d managed to lose a few pretty decent posts when I decided to stop doing Gomi No Sensei as my day to day blog. Furthermore completely shutting off the archives from the outside world probably wasn’t the best move — even if it did get rid of a few moments and posts that I wasn’t exactly proud of.

    So in the interest of preservation, I’ve decided to go ahead and dust off a few of those 1334 old posts and run them here. This first one is an interview with Eric Kleptone — who as part of The Kleptones has released two albums and three limited release EPs since — from almost 2 years ago to the day. Enjoy!

    Originally Published: September 28th, 2004

    Move over “Grey Album”, The Kleptones “A Night At The Hip-Hopera” seems to be gathering plenty of buzz with the cool kids in intarwebland. I was lucky enough to exchange some mail with Eric Kleptone who agreed to answer a handful of my amateurish questions.

    The answers he returned to me were as extensive and well thought out as the mix he contributed to. With his permission, I’ve gone ahead and reproduced our impromptu Q and A below. I hope you enjoy it.

    Okay, seriously. Why Queen?

    Erm…why not? It was a combination of things — we chanced on some really good source material to start with, and we’re already huge fans anyway — I’ve been listening to Queen since I was knee-high. They made so much excellent and varied music during their existance that we knew we could do something that had a good range to it — it wouldn’t get boring after a couple of tracks.

    Also it was light years away from The Lips…and we wanted something that had stuff on it that people could get down with, and that we could take out and DJ.