Rocking Your Own Shit

I’ve finally had the time to read Pitchfork’s interview with James Murphy from this last Monday and it’s actually a pretty amusing read. If you’re into the LCD Soundsystem at all, it’s most definitely worth your time. Check it…

Pitchfork: You said you try to make music you want to listen to at home. Do you listen to your own records at home?

JM: Yeah, I do a lot.

Pitchfork: A lot?

JM: Well, before I go on tour. They’re new to me, and I’m just experiencing them. Right now, I just got this record done, so I’ve been driving around listening to it. I try to listen to it before it comes out because people see you driving your car and listening to your own record. It’s happened to me before. I was listening to an edit last year and pulled up to a red light in Williamsburg, and two kids looked in and were like, “He’s listening to his own record.”

Pitchfork: They knew who you were?

JM: Yeah, I was in fucking Williamsburg. And the kids were like, “Hey it’s the DFA dude…and he’s listening to his new record.” They probably thought, “What a jerk! Do you take pictures of yourself too?”