Tag: rant

  • Bad Gas

    It’s gas prices like these (spotted last night on the corner of Cahuenga and Franklin in Hollywood) that make me really glad that I take the Red Line to work. It should be noted that I filled up on Monday in northernmost Orange County for $4.13 for regular — so this station is likely gouging […]

  • The Importance of Being Earnest

    A few days ago Michael Arrington dropped a piece of his Silicon Valley into my LA by throwing an absolutely massive party down here. And after talking things over with friends and spending some time thinking about the events of the evening I’ve realized that they are two great tastes that don’t really taste all […]

  • Phone Etiquette

    Dear Unidentified Caller, If you’re gonna call me more than half a dozen times from an unlisted number over the course of 10 minutes, please have the dignity to leave a fucking message. If you really wanted to talk to me, you would have the common decency to do that at the very least. KTHXBYE, […]