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  • Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, 04.14.20

    It’s been one of those “lowkey overdo it on CBD, listen to white noise for five hours, and try to get work done” sort of days. Y’all have those too, right? 😬 Zooooom.us A macOS screensaver that simulates an increasingly absurd Zoom call. I’ll stick with Brooklyn — lest I give myself an anxiety attack […]

  • Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, 04.08.20

    How about a quick one (while he’s stuck inside)? The Cool Quarantine Henry Rollins’ new four hour long — 😳 — online radio show in conjunction with KCRW. It’s got everything: Cramps bootlegs recorded by Ian MacKaye, early Joy Division album pressings, Black Flag stories, no FCC constraints… Brooklyn Apple’s default screensavers are pretty boring, […]