Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, 04.08.20

This content was imported from gomi no sensei, a project I briefly did during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of maintaining yet another WordPress install, I’ve decided to shove this content into the everything bucket that is my long running personal blog. 🥴

How about a quick one (while he’s stuck inside)?

The Cool Quarantine

Henry Rollins’ new four hour long — 😳 — online radio show in conjunction with KCRW.

It’s got everything: Cramps bootlegs recorded by Ian MacKaye, early Joy Division album pressings, Black Flag stories, no FCC constraints…


Apple’s default screensavers are pretty boring, TBH. To the point where I would put my display to sleep instead of dropping into one when I wander away from my desk.

This loving recreation of animated Apple logos — taken from their Brooklyn Academy of Music event in 2018 — by Pedro Carrasco has got me using my screensaver hot corner again though. ❤️

Is This a Sandwich?

Classify some foods, get a personal, D&D style alignment chart.

I got Lawful Good. Usually, in other alignment tests, I’m a Lawful Neutral — but I won’t deny that I can be a bit of a sandwich purist.

And that, dear readers, is all he wrote.