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Experimental Jet Set

For somebody who spends most of his free time jockeying a laptop, I’ve actually got a semi-busy social week ahead of me:

  • Tomorrow night is April’s BarCamp LA Geek Dinner at Shakey’s in Hollywood. While I’m not so much of a fan of Shakey’s grub, I’m really looking forward to hanging out with the BarCampers again.
  • Friday brings the Helvetica screening at USC. I managed to pick up a ticket when they were announced — and it would seem that I have to pay $25 at the door as I didn’t have to pay anything when I RSVP’ed. Part of me is debating going to the Laguna Beach screening instead tho. Tickets are still available for the 9PM show and they’re only $15 via PayPal. Decisions, decisions…
  • Sunday morning, I hop a flight to Oakland for a well deserved micro-vacation in San Francisco. It’s really more of a weekend trip than a vacation, but I’m going to be doing my fair share of relaxing. My Monday afternoon is spoken for — I’m supposed to be getting lunch with Andy (and hopefully Leonard) on the Yahoo! campus — but if you’re up for hanging out, drop me a direct message on Twitter (or an IM for that matter). I’ll try to squeeze in some face time with as many folks as I can before I see LCD Soundsystem with Frazier on Monday night and fly home for work early Tuesday morning.

See? That’s a busy week for the likes of me — but I’m looking forward to it…

Shall We Play A Game?

I’m running up on the Yay Area at the end of the month to see LCD Soundsystem — as well as a few friends — and I’d really like to put my name in the hat for a round of Faceball if at all possible. My inner masochist thinks it’d be worth making the trip to Flickr HQ for.

So what do you say, Flickrdoodles?

Travel Sick

After spending seven and a half hours on the road — three of which were in LA traffic I might add1 — I’m set up on the fold out at Frazier’s downright palatial Oaktown lair.

Tomorrow is WordCamp, where Frazier and I will will be representing Hipster Mafia2. What that means is him and I are going to go to assorted talks and I’m going to give out business cards and act like a wanker3.

If you see me in the hall and want to say hello or throw rotten fruit, walk over and do so.

I’ll try to update a few times tomorrow as I sit in the sessions — but you know how it goes with me and promising to make updates, right? ;)

  1. OC to SF by way of Culver City is not something I’d call fun. But that 30 mile, one and a half hour detour netted me $130 and helped me get rid of my Sidekick II.
  2. That basically means Preshrunk — but we might have another property someday soon.
  3. Hopefully Arrington or Calacanis don’t magically appear and out-wanker me. That’d make me sad.

104 Miles Later

Dear San Diego,

I’ve landed.


Lobbying For Dollars

It’s settled… I’m crashing the lobby at Emerging Tech on Wednesday and Thursday to mingle with the big shot internet types and maybe get a few leads for jobs. If I can manage to weasel my way into a party or two, all the better… ;)

So if you want to grab a cup of coffee or a bite while I’m in town, drop me a comment [or email/phone call/IM if you have that info] and we’ll see what we can do.

P.S. Sean was nice enough to offer up the spare bed in his room at the very swanky W Hotel on Wednesday night. Much respect for that, yo.

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