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  • Experimental Jet Set

    For somebody who spends most of his free time jockeying a laptop, I’ve actually got a semi-busy social week ahead of me: Tomorrow night is April’s BarCamp LA Geek Dinner at Shakey’s in Hollywood. While I’m not so much of a fan of Shakey’s grub, I’m really looking forward to hanging out with the BarCampers […]

  • Shall We Play A Game?

    I’m running up on the Yay Area at the end of the month to see LCD Soundsystem — as well as a few friends — and I’d really like to put my name in the hat for a round of Faceball if at all possible. My inner masochist thinks it’d be worth making the trip […]

  • Travel Sick

    After spending seven and a half hours on the road — three of which were in LA traffic I might add1 — I’m set up on the fold out at Frazier’s downright palatial Oaktown lair. Tomorrow is WordCamp, where Frazier and I will will be representing Hipster Mafia2. What that means is him and I […]