Travel Sick

After spending seven and a half hours on the road — three of which were in LA traffic I might add1 — I’m set up on the fold out at Frazier’s downright palatial Oaktown lair.

Tomorrow is WordCamp, where Frazier and I will will be representing Hipster Mafia2. What that means is him and I are going to go to assorted talks and I’m going to give out business cards and act like a wanker3.

If you see me in the hall and want to say hello or throw rotten fruit, walk over and do so.

I’ll try to update a few times tomorrow as I sit in the sessions — but you know how it goes with me and promising to make updates, right? ;)

  1. OC to SF by way of Culver City is not something I’d call fun. But that 30 mile, one and a half hour detour netted me $130 and helped me get rid of my Sidekick II.
  2. That basically means Preshrunk — but we might have another property someday soon.
  3. Hopefully Arrington or Calacanis don’t magically appear and out-wanker me. That’d make me sad.