What Sarah Said

Almost a month after our first weekend together, Sarah told me that she loved me. After the initial shock of hearing her tell me how she felt wore off, I couldn’t tell her that I loved her back fast enough.

Now before you go setting your calendars, this happened a few weeks ago. On St. Patrick’s Day, no less. But I know it was more than the alcohol talking because:

  1. I was pretty much sober.
  2. We’re still saying it.

Here’s the thing… Before she told me I’d already knew that I loved her — but I was still a bit wounded from my last relationship. I wanted to be a little more cautious with my heart this time around. Despite that, the second she told me how she felt, all that caution managed to fly right out of the window. “Afterall,” as Sarah told me, “love is hardly a safe emotion.”

As the weeks go on, I’m learning that statement holds pretty true. So while I’ve already managed to stub my toe once or twice in the dark on love’s ever shifting corners, the way we feel about one another really helped keep the brusing down. You know, sort of like an ice pack.

Besides, the more I think about it, the more I realize that those proverbial stubbed toes and bruises are ultimately worth it. They help bring things into focus for a moment, and eventually fade until you can’t notice them. In the end, the only thing that’s left is what was there in the first place…

I’d say that it feels good to be in love again, but I don’t think it’s really ever been like this — so I don’t know how it feels. If you asked me right now, I’d say that it’s as exciting as it is frightening.

So here’s to wandering into uncharted territory… Wish us luck.