Category: Los Angeles

  • Bye Bye, Indie

    A little more than five years after it fired up with a rather curious DJ-free playlist, Indie’s going off the airwaves in LA. And while I’ll miss being able to tune-in while driving around, I’m happy that they’re going to try to keep things going online. If I ever miss it enough while rolling thru…

  • Going Feral

    While reading Jori Finkel’s piece in the New York Times on Machine Project’s LACMA invasion, I was struck by something that Margaret Wertheim said: I don’t know of any city other than L.A. with so many feral groups. Now while she was referring to the Los Angeles art scene, this sort of applies to the tech scene here as well.…

  • Summer Sunset

    It might be the pollution that does it — but I wouldn’t trade days that end like this for anything.