Getting Thematic

As I posted to Twitter earlier, I’ve decided to join the fray and shrug off new year’s resolutions by instead adopting a theme word for 2009.  My choice was:


Why?  Well, to be honest, when it comes to follow-through, I’ve historically been sort of selective.  Get me working on something that I’m passionate about and I’ll concentrate on it almost purely.  But other things fall by the wayside while my OCD kicks in — and that’s a problem.

I’ve become lethargic, unhealthy and chained to my desk.

I’m letting relationships and friendships fall by the wayside while I concentrate on building a legacy.

There are places that I wanted to see and things that I have wanted to do long before I managed to get this old.

I’ve got laundry that is in dire need of attention.

So with another step into my thirties a mere month away, I find myself at an interesting crossroads.  I can either stay on my present course or temper myself and make sweeping changes in the way that I do things.  But resolving to change one’s ways is always a slippery slope.  Old habits do die hard, after all.  This is where the idea of a theme word comes in tho.

By choosing something as simple as “follow-through”, I can allow myself to see the things that need doing thru the year and work at them.  Hopefully, using that hyphenated mission statement as a mantra, it’ll keep me on task enough to make this year better than any previous one.

So, what’s your theme word?




2 responses to “Getting Thematic”

  1. Andrew Warner Avatar

    I like the idea of a mantra instead of a series of goals. Much easier to focus on. I don’t have one yet, but I’m going to think one up.

  2. Judith Burton Avatar

    Sounds like you’re already good at follow-through or you wouldn’t be able to hyper-focus on your projects. Maybe it’s not follow-through that’s at issue. Maybe it’s Stop, Change, Start that you want to look at. When those of us that have the hyper-focus gene get so committed to something, sometimes its difficult to Stop, Change to something more mundane like eating, or laundry, and then Start that. Good luck with your theme. jb