Good Weekend

I compelled to do a proper post about the weekend Sarah and I had — but everything I’ve written down doesn’t seem to do it justice. Instead, I’m just going to borrow from my gal’s playbook and do a stream of consciousness type list of some of my favorite memories from our weekend together…

  • Walking into A New Hue1 to find my girl rocking the red hair.
  • Bringing Sarah home to meet my folks.
  • Three Words: Raspberry almond cake.
  • Having beers at Rob and Lisey‘s place.
  • Heading back to my parent’s place for breakfast burritos.
  • Getting a nod and a thumbs up from my mom as we left my folks’ house.
  • Going to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.
  • Jellies!
  • Being told, “You know, I’d really have no problem moving here to be with you.”
  • Snacking on appetizers at Mao’s.
  • Wading into the ocean barefoot at Venice Beach2 while holding hands.
  • Talking about marriage and kids with neither Sarah or I freaking out.
  • Distracting a pack of zombie seagulls with kettle corn to make a daring escape.
  • Fatburger!
  • Getting to play with a MacBook.
  • Being given a personal check for “services rendered”.

I’m sure that a lot of this makes no sense when it’s disembodied and taken out of the context of our weekend, but I sort of don’t care… It means a whole bunch to Sarah and I — and that’s really all that matters to me right now.

What can I say? That girl is my universe, yo.

  1. Warning: Comic Sans ahoy!
  2. I might have hepatitis now, but it was totally worth it for the moment we shared.



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