Movin’ On Your Left

One of the nice things about living in North Hollywood is that I’m less than a mile’s walk from the Red Line station.  Because of this, I’ve been taking the subway into work every morning.  There’s actually a few benefits to this:

  • I get a nice walk at the start and end of my work day.  And I’ll still continue to call it nice until Summer hits and the Valley gets over 100° F at 9 AM.
  • Work pays for my metro pass.  Well, they reimburse me for it whenever I get them the receipt.  Still, the fact that they’re willing to pick up any of its cost is really nice of them.
  • I find that I’m way less stressed when I don’t have to sit in traffic.  Listening to a podcast or some music is way more chill when you don’t have to wonder why the guy in the other lane is drifting over for the nth time.

I do have one gigantic pet peeve tho — people who stand still on the left side of the escalator.  Now I know that moving stairs are still a novelty to some, but most regular commuters know that the right is for standers and the left is for the folks who like beating those smug stair climbers out of the station.

I know it’s pompous for me to assume that Los Angeles is listening — especially when I have access to my site’s metrics and I know that my traffic falls well short of the city’s population — but please quit being part of the problem, left-standers.  And for God’s sake, kindly get out of the way when someone says “excuse me”.  I really hate getting pushy, but I swear that I will if I have to.




3 responses to “Movin’ On Your Left”

  1. Dave Bullock Avatar

    Left-hand blockers are as bad as people who don’t wait for others to exit a train or elevator before getting in. Social etiquette people!

  2. Andy Avatar

    Strangely, I find that people are far more likely to stand on the left when on escalators for the tube in London than in smaller towns where there are far fewer escalators.

    You’d have thought that being around commuters more would teach people not to stand on the damned left.

  3. Lucas Avatar

    Speaking as west sider I am insanely jealous that you get to take the subway to work instead of driving. But yeah, left-standers are missing the point in a big way. It’s not like right-standing is news. How hard is this?

    Startup idea: the porta-prod.