Omnibar? Wunderbar!

Since I’m downright stubborn about switching to Chrome, I was really happy to see that someone had tried to emulate its location bar with Safari Omnibar. It’s got a little way to go still, but it’s got enough promise for me to keep it installed.

Now all I have to do is break my habit of hitting CMD + L followed by a quick Tab to get me to the search field and I’ll be golden.




3 responses to “Omnibar? Wunderbar!”

  1. Artur Avatar

    Why are you stubborn about switching? Chrome is better in every regard I can think of.

    1. Jason Cosper Avatar

      I know this is going to sound stupid, but I prefer Safari’s tab location and anti-aliasing. And since I stare at my browser all day, those two things are enough to keep me with Safari.

  2. Jack H. Avatar
    Jack H.

    So nice to meet someone that is as stubborn about Safari as I am.
    If you use TinkerTools (I think it’s TinkerTools) – then you can make it so when you CMD+T it just goes straight to the search bar anyway.
    Or you could make the first shortcut on the Bar into Google and then just press CMD+1. I have all 9 of these setup so I can use shortcuts real fast.